King's Church Guildford

Our leadership

We believe that the Lord Jesus leads his church by his word, the Bible, but that he gifts and sets apart elders to lead local churches. Currently, we have 4 elders of the church, who are also trustees of the charity - they make up our Leadership Team. Their main tasks are to pray for the church, teach the Bible, model Christian living and manage the affairs of the church.

Our Staff Team is made up of our Pastor, Student Worker and Women's Ministry Leader. Their main tasks are to oversee their various ministries and help the church function faithfully and effectively day to day.

Our Ministry Leaders' Forum (MLF) is made up of our Ministry Team Leaders from our congregation. Ministry Team Leaders oversee a team of people who together are responsible for various aspects of church life. The Ministry Team Leaders who make up the MLF are listed at the bottom of the page. The MLF meets up to 5 times per year and provides advice and feedback to the Leadership Team, so that they can make wise, transparent and collaborative decisions about the ministry and mission of the church. 

Rich Castro

Leadership Team

Rich became a Christian at a local church in Guildford and was then baptised at the age of 15. He studied maths at University and has taught in the private sector for 20 years. He is married to Emma and they have three teenage children. Rich completed a Master of Divinity degree in Florida in 2015 and preaches at various local churches now and again. He enjoys cryptic crosswords, badminton and Dr Pepper, although possibly not in that order!

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Dave de Villiers

Leadership Team

In his late teens, Dave was confronted by the truth that only Jesus has the words of eternal life, and after many years of stubborn rebellion he surrendered to His forgiveness.  He is married to Carole and has two sons, both of whom are at a local secondary school.  Dave works for a global construction company and over the last 20 years his family have lived in six cities on three continents.  By God's grace, they have been a part of as many churches.

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Gareth Knight

Leadership Team

Having heard the Bible explained at a local youth group, Gareth became convinced that he fell a long way short of God's perfect standard. He turned to Jesus for forgiveness and has been following Him ever since.  Gareth met Lizzie - his wife - at Swansea University, and now works in sport as a project manager.  He loves to play golf, tennis or any other racket sport!

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Richard Leadbeater

Leadership Team (Pastor / Staff Team)

‘Leady’ has been a follower of King Jesus since the age of 16.  He's married to Libby and they have three children.  Leady studied theology at university, and got ordained in the Church of England after a short career in professional football.  Before moving to Guildford in July 2014 to help start King’s, he served as Assistant Minister at St Stephen’s in Birmingham.  He enjoys sport, family holidays and pretending to know how to make a good coffee!

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Eunseog Lee

Student Worker (Staff Team)

Eunseog grew up singing in church choirs and attending services, but it was only as a postgraduate student that he made the commitment to follow Christ after discovering the true meaning behind Jesus’ sacrifice and the need to turn to Him for forgiveness. Eunseog studied music at university and worked as a composer and music teacher before coming to King’s. He enjoys reading, video games, cooking and Disney movies that he can sing along to really loudly.

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Holly Amott

Student Team

PJ & Claudia Appleton

Engage Leaders

Emma Castro

Safeguarding Coordinator

Carole de Villiers

Women's Ministry Leader (Staff Team)

Sam Finniear

Rooted (11's-18's) Team Leader

Richard Gray

Policies Overseer / Life Group Leader

Becca Hofmeyr

Creche Team Leader

Lizzie Knight

Health & Safety Coordinator

Andre Medeiros

Treasurer / Finance Team

Sam Sarjudeen

Tech Team Leader

Joe Williams

Music Team Leader