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"I had a job, a car, a flat and friendships but so what? Surely there was something major missing!?"

By Chris Perkins, 02 Mar 2017

Wide open spaces and stunning scenery played a significant part in my turning to Christ. How could such an incredibly spectacular world be created by chance?  This question became pressing in my 20s – I had a job, a car, a flat and friendships but so what?  Surely there was something major missing!?

I had been brought up in a Christian home but my belief in 'family' was shattered at the age of 14 when my parents divorced.  At school I went through the motions of 'church' but there was limited depth to my faith. I travelled widely in my early 20s and filled life with experiences.

Whilst in Australia, on the edge of a serene lake chatting to a friend, we saw a kingfisher dive and pluck a fish from the water. My friend was a Christian and he commented that “God” felt very close. I could not disagree – God did feel close. This was perhaps a turning point in my life.  Back in the UK several years later with that job, car and flat, I then sought out a church.  The journey began.  

It was a gradual conversion. I enjoyed the social scene, I did an Alpha Course and moved to another church in the city – my faith was quite shallow but it was still important to me.  It deepened over time and into my early 30s became the bedrock of my life. My motivations for going to church had changed – it was no longer the great friendships, it was God’s word and Christ’s leadership that became the more powerful magnet.

The friendships were of course a massive blessing and my now wife, Hilary, had been part of that friendship circle, but the subtle shift in my priorities was established – Christ was and is King and 2 Corinthians 5 v15  could never be more apt: "He died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for Him who died for them and was raised again."

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