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"I read pretty much every political/philosophical thinker from Plato to Chairman Mao. But they didn't have the answer."

By Robert Stent, 04 May 2017

I think it was when – in the mid-1960s and newly commissioned out of Sandhurst – I was leading a patrol of the East German border that my search for the Truth really began.  It was a search that was to take 10 years.

As I surveyed the watchtowers, it was clear I was on the ‘right side’ – the barbed wire was there to keep people ‘in’ not keep people ‘out’ – but there had to be more to life than different political systems.

At university, I thought I would find out.  I read pretty much every political/philosophical thinker from Plato to Chairman Mao. But they didn’t have the answer.

Having left the Army I went into banking, working almost next door to St Helen’s Church, Bishopsgate.  One day I saw a crowd going into the church, so I decided to follow them.  The moment the then Rector, Dick Lucas, began his Bible talk, I knew I was hearing the Truth.  

The source of mankind's problems lay within mankind (including me!), not in political/social systems.  It was sin - disobeying the command of God, the Creator of the universe: to love Him and others.  Sin was an offence to and rejection of God (an analysis so different from all that I had read and been taught). 

Because of sin I – along with everyone else – faced His judgement.  I faced separation from Him; the breaking of a relationship which He gives and which is all that we need (in a word: life).  Only someone without sin could restore it, reconciling us to God by bearing His judgment on our behalf.  

So God Himself did it in Christ on the cross - a restoration gained through faith in Him and which produces that very love for God and others which changes everything. 

Some six months later I believed in Christ as “the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

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