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"I was astonished at how the gospel resonated with me and came to life in a way it hadn't before"

By Tania Parslow, 07 Mar 2017

Growing up in a non-Christian household, choosing to be an atheist felt like a mature, educated decision and I became proud of my atheist beliefs.

I went on to achieve what I’d hoped for: somewhere I liked living, good friendships, and a career that I found fulfilling.  I felt there was nothing much missing from my life.

But when travelling with some friends, a few Christians joined our group.  I was struck by their lifestyle and beliefs. I remember thinking: “I know what you’re saying is truth, but I can’t see how I get from where I am now to where you are… and I’m not sure I want to anyway.”

Returning home, I became friendly with a Christian who would patiently answer my questions about her faith.  Gradually I came to see that I didn’t need to have all answers.

My friend suggested I read Mark’s gospel.  I decided to set aside my prejudices and approach it with an open mind so I prayed: “God if you’re real, let me know if this is truth or not”.  As I read, I was astonished at the gospel resonated with me, and came to life in a way it hadn’t before. I prayed saying sorry to God for rejecting Him, thanking Him for dying on the cross for my sins and asking Him to come into my life and lead me from now on.

Life continues to have its challenges, but I always know that God goes with me and that ultimately I have the peace and assurance of an eternal life with Him.  When life brings disappointments and change, God remains faithful and trustworthy. He is my Rock.

Your money or your life?  How hard can it be to get to heaven?  King’s Church Guildford is an Anglican evangelical church meeting just outside Guildford, and we'd love you to join us for our Guest Sunday - 26th March 2017.  More details here.