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"What I was hanging onto for my happiness and identity couldn't possibly satisfy and couldn't ultimately be trusted"

By Ben Hayden, 13 Mar 2017

Whilst growing up, church was something my family did.  My parents dragged me along on Sundays and I was exposed to Christianity through school, but for my early years, church prevented me playing sport, and that was a conflict with what my parents thought was best for me. Whilst I continued to go on summer camps and to church on Sundays, I developed an attitude of resentment which became a barrier to knowing Jesus.

As I got older, the resentment began to wear off but my desire to live for myself remained. I wanted to fit in.  I lived for sport, popularity and all of the things that went with them.  I wanted to know God, but whilst I theoretically knew Jesus had died on a cross to forgive my sins, I wasn’t willing to live for Him.

It was a very gradual process, but I began to realise that living for Jesus wasn’t a hindrance at all!  The Bible showed me that God wanted to know me personally and I needed to stop living for myself and put my trust in Jesus’ death on the cross.  It became clear that what I was hanging onto for my happiness and identity couldn’t possibly satisfy and couldn’t ultimately be trusted.

I can’t say that this was an easy process to go through, but by God’s grace, I now know Him personally through Jesus, and I strive to live for Him each day.

Your money or your life?  How hard can it be to get to heaven?  King’s Church Guildford is an Anglican evangelical church meeting just outside Guildford, and we'd love you to join us for our Guest Sunday - 26th March 2017.  More details here.