King's Church Guildford

Our vision

At King's, our great desire is to build God’s church with God’s word for God’s glory.

Build God's church...

We want to build God’s church in both maturity and number.  That is, we want to build up those who are already Christians, so that they grow in their faith, love and service of King Jesus.  We also want to reach out to those who don’t know Jesus as their King, so that many more can come to know the life, joy and hope that is to be found in Him.  And we don’t just want to make disciples of Jesus, we want to make disciple-making-disciples of the Lord Jesus.

With God's word...

It is God who builds His church, through His word and by His Spirit.  That is why we get the Bible open at every opportunity - on Sundays, in Life Groups, one-to-one, and on our own - in order to focus on what God is saying rather than on what we are wanting. In order for us to grow up and grow out, prayerful Bible teaching is at the heart of what we do.

For God’s glory

The reason we are seeking to build God’s church with His word, is so that He would be glorified.  That means that we want God to be seen to be the great, glorious and gracious God that he really is.  We don’t want to make a name for ourselves, but for our Father.

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