King's Church Guildford

Men's Ministry

Our men’s ministry aims to serve men in the following ways:


The commute is long, work is demanding, family life is tiring and as a result it’s all too easy to neglect our Christian friendships.  Monthly socials and termly ‘specials’ provide specific times for men to connect and to get to know one another better. Knowing each other well enables us to support each other in prayer and to encourage each other to live distinctive Christan lives.


We are equipped to serve and grow in the likeness of Christ through the Bible teaching we receive on Sunday’s and through our Bible studies at Life Group.  To further equip men we also have regular Men’s Breakfasts where we cover topics such as work and leading the family, hear testimony from one another, develop our Bible handling skills, pray together and serve one another by taking it in turns to cook breakfast.  


We want to help men at King’s reach out to those around them by clearly speaking the good news about Jesus. We seek to encourage and support each other in our evangelism, praying for and befriending each others unbelieving friends and family, and by running evangelistic events where the gospel is clearly explained.

If you’d like more details about the Men’s Ministry at King’s, please send an email to